We received a notice from Susan Johnson, a preservationists in New Orleans, that a 1962 residence designed by Louisiana Mid-Century Modern architect George J. Riehl (of the firm Benson and Riehl) is scheduled for demolition at 1441 State Street.  Riehl designed the California Building and the Saratoga Building in downtown New Orleans—commercial buildings that were both converted into apartments in recent years.  Specialists in Mid-Century Modern architecture might want to photograph/document the building before it is gone forever.
The following links and resources about this property have been provided by Susan Johnson to learn more.
The New Orleans HDLC has recently (on August 4, 2021) approved the demolition of 1441 State Street.   The City demolition permit is still open, however:
The developer/contact is Butler Holding Company:
About Riehl:
And his papers are archived at Tulane’s Special Collections:
For more information, please contact:
Susan Johnson
Principal, Town of Carrollton Watch, LLC
New Orleans, La.
(347) 614-7049