Steve Mintz joined the Louisiana Trust board of directors in July 2020 and is excited to connect with other preservationists across the state.


Name: Steve Mintz

Current Occupation: Retired from Financial Profession.

Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana

Current Town: West Monroe , Louisiana.

When/how did you realize you were a preservationist? It was a decades process visually and being influenced by true effective Preservationists.

What is your favorite building/place in Louisiana? Cooley House, Monroe – a Most Endangered Places that’s being restored.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Walking, Skeet shooting, Nature, Home, Family, Economics and Investment Management, Current events, and Quality of Life Advocacy

Why did you choose to get involved with the Louisiana Trust? Decades of being influenced by effective preservationists and architects. These being primarily John Stubbs,  Doug Breckenridge, Lester Martin, Mike Echols, and my former Parents-in-Law from the Mississippi Delta as well as seeing the work from the organization and staff.

What have you learned from your experience on the LTHP?   Its members are passionate about what they do and what they advocate for.

Why should others get involved with LTHP and the preservation movement in Louisiana? Saving our history it important for our future generations.  Louisianans can start local in their community but connect to something greater across the state with LTHP.