Name: John H. Stubbs
Current Occupation: Professor, Preservation Studies, Tulane School of Architecture
Hometown: Monroe, LA
Current Town: New Orleans, LA
When/How did you realize you were a preservationist?  Age 16 when I led a few high school chums in restoring the functionality of a 1930’s fountain in Forsyth Park in Monroe. We did it without the City’s permission (didn’t know we should ask) but won an award from the Beautification Commission anyway…

What’s your favorite building/place in Louisiana?  My latest restoration project, the Graves Home Place in Columbia, LA built by my great grandparents.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Restoring houses, writing, exploring history, and travel
Why did you choose to get involved with the Louisiana Trust?  I’ve been involved with the Trust in some form since 2012.  I’ve learned a lot about the cultural richness of all parts of Louisiana, urban and rural. There is so much history around us.
Why should others get involved with LTHP and the preservation movement in Louisiana?  LTHP offers balanced views of Louisiana’s rich cultural heritage and has creative programs for making it accessible to its membership and networking among other preservationists.