Louisiana Trust is proud to partner with the LA Main Street Program on the Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Subgrant Program in transforming vacant or underutilized buildings in Louisiana’s Main Street communities. Major funding for this program comes from the National Park Service, and LTHP will hold and monitor a ten-year preservation easement as part of the grant agreement.  We will ensure that the historic character of the buildings is maintained, while understanding the future need to keep buildings updated and occupied.  We offer owners the opportunity to make the easements “in perpetuity”, which would forever protect the building’s historic character.


During the first round of grants, six recipients each received $55,000 towards their rehabilitation project.  The National Park Service provided $50,000, with $5,000 of funding provided by the State of Louisiana.  Louisiana Main Street Director, Ray Scriber, was successful in receiving an additional grant for continuation of the program.  This means that over $1.4 million will be provided to help rehabilitate historic buildings in LA Main Street Districts over four rounds of sub-grants.  The Paul Bruhn Historic Rehabilitation Sub-Grants are generous, but are typically only a portion of a larger preservation project.  They make it feasible for owners to invest additional funds and complete their project, creating a greater return to the state and local communities through the creation of jobs, additional sales tax revenue and increased property value on the parish tax roll.
Click HERE to see if your community has a LA Main Street District and could be eligible for future rounds of grants and to learn more about the Louisiana Main Street program.