Haughton High School – H Wing

Haughton High School’s “H Wing” is a classic example of early Modern architecture.  It was designed by prolific architect Samuel G. Wiener in 1939.  Wiener designed several schools for African American students prior to World War II, however none of those schools survive today.   Only three other schools designed by Wiener prior to World War II currently survive, including nearby Bossier City High School.

This building is important as an example of early modernism in America, heavily influenced by European design. This is a result of a trip to Europe in 1931, where he observed the new approach to using materials, light and spatial arrangement in the field of architecture. His designs following World War II show a marked influence of American interpretation of European design.

At Haughton, Wiener used Modern elements such as a vertical corner window in conjunction with a stairwell as well as cast-in-place concrete sunscreens over classroom windows. Additions were expanded onto the campus and reflected design elements from the historic building.  Haughton High School is still an active learning space but the original “H-Wing” is being considered for demolition in upcoming school years due to prohibitive high maintenance and upkeep costs.  The Bossier Parish School Board’s allocation of funding for physical assets is still closely reviewed by the Justice Department, following a desegregation lawsuit in the 1970s.

City: Haughton
Year Listed: 2020
Year Built: 1939